Thursday, June 21, 2012

Comida Comida Comida

One thing I’ve really loved about being here has been trying all of the different treats offered in the markets, on the side of the street, in buses, etc. My absolute favorite (and a snack I buy most days – 5 cord per bag = 20 cents) is the sliced mangos with chili sauce and salt. Sweet and sour and refreshing and delicious on a hot, sweaty day. 


While walking through the markets, especially, you'll see many people sipping crazy colored juices out of clear baggies with a straw. An interesting way to drink a drink, to say the least.  I've tried only a few of the flavors: passion fruit, watermelon, and cacao.  They are painfully sweet, way too sweet for my liking... but apparently just right for the Nicaraguan palate. One day at work, Gilberts offered me a bag of 'altolillo', an off white, steaming hot (from the sun) mixture of rice, sugar, cinnamon, and milk.  I poked a hole in the side, and Margot and I took turns squeezing the contents of the bag into our mouths... it was like eating straight icing (whether that appeals to you, i don't know... but i loved it). 

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